Train Yourself to Get Past “GO”!

Nothing happens by simply wishing or thinking it into existence, it takes work…sometimes hard work! At times, it might take more work than we feel like doing. It might take more power than we feel like we are able to generate. However, there are those times where we discover that we had more inside of us than we realized. All it took was a plan, a little faith, the will to win and a little bit of work. Before you knew it, that task that was so difficult to start was actually finished!

Sometimes it’s hard to get the mind in motion…I totally understand it. However, you cannot STAY in motion if you never GET in motion! All it takes is a start! All it takes is GO! Just like in the popular board game Monopoly, to get the game started, you have to get past GO! Let’s not deprive ourselves of success any longer! Today…let’s make it our business to get past GO together! Remember, I’m with you every step of the way!

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